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Variety 4-Pack
Abby H.
My daily caffeine hit!

I’ve replaced my intense intake of tea with a few of these in the morning and then again around lunch. Or right before a tennis match when I need my focus. They taste delicious but I love that I’m not getting tons of sugar or other additives. So happy I found okuenergy!

Amazing Product!

Excellent on the go energy! Also unlike a coffee or a yerba mate, it allows me to portion out my caffeine intake throughout the day. The flavors are all good, but my favorite is the Pineapple!

Grape 3-pack
Heather B.
Why are Oku gummies my favorite!?

There’s so many reasons I love these energy gummies! 1. They don’t hurt my stomach like other gummies! I typically can’t eat gummies. My whole life anytime I’ve tried to enjoy gummies they end up hurting my stomach. I think mainly to do with the ingredients especially gelatin. But with Oku they don’t hurt my stomach. The ingredients are clean and there’s no gelatin. 2. The flavor! Omg I could snack on these all day because they are simply just delicious. Plus the texture of them is really nice. 3. Energy! I play a lot of volleyball, sometimes for hours on end. It can be hard to find things that help sustain my energy. These gummies are a perfect snack to bring to the beach and munch on through out the day. They give me that extra boost of energy and focus I need to keep playing well. ❤️

Variety 3-pack
Cheryl G.
Procrastinating on that run?

These little tasty bites are perfect to stave off procrastination for a run (or really anything that needs doing). For me, I've been enjoying them in replacement of an afternoon caffeine boost - minus the jitters. With 5 in a pack, you're saving time & money by not ordering a 5 buck coffee every afternoon too. So - it's a no brainer 🧠 Oku Taste Good, it's a nice subtle perk & easy to carry around in a small purse or gym bag.

Variety 3-pack
Manal S.
ōku, my family's new irresistible snack!

The ōku gummies are delectable with a wonderful texture and taste. All four flavors are amazing and addicting, so much so that I can't keep my husband and son away from my stash of these yummy gummies. They just happened upon these gummies on the kitchen counter one day and now can't get enough. It pleases me to know that they are enjoying a natural, organic treat as much as I am. A MUST TRY!!

Variety 3-pack
Amanda E.
A Game-Changer when Traveling!

Ōku is my go-bag go-to! These tasty treats were the perfect airport pick-me-up and social boost upon arrival, while still allowing me to "power down" easily, both on the plane and after settling in. The mental boost at the airport was a game-changer! As a nervous flyer, I felt alert and collected through TSA and my travel hiccups, and better yet, was still able to "turn off" and rest upon boarding. Enjoying a couple while landing offered the perfect "splash of cool water" and social boost that made a pickup from my enthusiastic Italian family *that* much more exciting after a long flight. From now on, ōku is my non-negotiable travel necessity!! And daily go-to when any last-minute things get sprung on's like a yummy guilt-free reward for being flexible :-) Thanks for such a fantastic product, huge fan!

Variety 3-pack
Winter V.A.
A must have - for fuel!

As an endurance athlete, I am always looking for ways to fuel by body. Oku has been a game-changer and a must-have for me. Less sugar, a MUCH healthier option than other sources and absolutely delicious! I LOVE that I am able to fuel my body through long events and I feel better, overall. Grateful to have a better option all-around. I love all of the flavors, but strawberry is my favorite. A better alternative, overall!

Variety 3-pack
Rose B.
Love it!

Fantastic snack and healthy too!

Variety 3-pack
Tamara L.
ok-u HAVE to try these! 3pm life saver

I start work at a stupid early hour in the morning so by 3pm, I am looking for anything to give me a kick of energy. It USE to be a bag a lolly snakes in my top draw. Not heathy I know but I can't stomach coffee more than twice a day. So Ok-u has been a game changer for me! It's not only my 3pm saviour, but also me travel companion. I'm in different times zones frequently and they go where I go. They really do keep me going.

Variety 3-pack
Kelly C.

I have been dealing with some health issues which causes me to be fatigued. OKU saved me and gave me back the energy to work my day job and be able to get a workout in at the end of the day. I have tried all the flavors and love them all, but my favorite is the Grape Gummies! Thank you, OKU!

Variety 3-pack
Trinity V.
The Best Boost for Energy!

I have the pleasure of trying this amazing snack while I was assisting with preparation for a big event and this product helped with keeping me awake throughout the entire time window! I would highly recommend this product to those who are looking for an increase of energy after a busy day. Thank you Oku!!

Variety 3-pack
Bella S.
Favorite on-the-go snack!

If you're looking for a delicious and energizing snack that supports your well-being and provides energy, I wholeheartedly recommend ōku Gummies!

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