irresistibly-delicious Conscious Energy™ gummy snacks…with benefits!

Gluten-Free ⚡ Vegan ⚡ Reduced Sugar ⚡ Dairy-Free ⚡
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delightful flavors

Ingredients Matter

We believe being mindful with how we fuel our bodies is essential to a healthy, enjoyable, conscious life.

Non-jittery green tea caffeine and natural sweeteners like berries and figs ensure
these tasty treats energize without sugar crashes.

Made in USA

Founded in Southern California.

40% Upcycled Material

Resealable, portable, and eco-conscious.

B1G1 Business for Good

Prioritizing giving back to our community.


Owned and operated by women empowering others.

“Conscious Living” is Our Mission

Your energy is your currency, invest it wisely. 

"Living consciously, or ‘Conscious Living’ is about taking control of the direction and consequences of your life; about living intentionally, thoughtfully, and navigating life’s experiences with a self-awareness that guides your choices. It’s living with internal and external integrity, empowering a mindfulness that fuels you to live a more deliberate and meaningful life!"

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