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insanely-delicious Conscious Energy snack…with benefits!

Lacking Energy & Focus?
Craving Sweets?
We got you!

Say NO to...

curing fatigue & stress with coffee & excess sugar
caffeine jitters & sugary crashes
mindlessly consuming unhealthy ingredients

Say YES to... ōku gummies 

✓ functionally-enhanced energy snack
✓ superfood ingredients without the jitters of coffee or the crash of excess sugar
✓ pursuing what matters to you with "Conscious Energy"

Conscious Energy in Every Bite

Get a long-lasting burst of feel-good on-the-go energy with our yummy-gummy snacks.

It's What's Inside Us That Counts

For the Love of Yummy Flavors

Consciously-Curated Blend to Energize Your Day

Proprietary medley of clean, body-loving ingredients helps busy people tackle a never-ending to-do list...and feel great doing it.

Meet Our Founder: Carolyn Hamlet

I Believe My Story is Your Story

I wasn't surprised to learn that around 1 p.m. each day, 64% of people reach for drinks containing caffeine to give them a boost in focus and productivity, and that 94% of people snack daily. That described me perfectly, as rarely a day passes when I don't crave caffeine and something sweet. The problem was that most of the drinks I consumed caused jitters and left me with a crash, while the snacks were high in sugar and lacked any better-for-you ingredients. And, few brands prioritized social responsibility and environmental sustainability, values that are important to me. The creation of ōku - a tasty reduced-sugar gummy snack that delivers sustained energy, while appealing to today's conscious consumer - is the result of countless hours of research and passion.

The name ōku, inspired by Japanese culture, represents qualities we aspire to embody in our brand and inspire in others - vitality, empowerment, mindfulness, resilience, and harmony. We have raving fans from all walks of life -- tired moms, professionals young and old, students, college athletes, menopausal women and more.

ōku is not just a caffeinated snack; it's a deliciously-convenient Conscious Energy source that fuels your body and mind. I can't wait to share it with you!

“Conscious Living” is Our Mission

Your energy is your currency, invest it wisely. 

"Living consciously, or ‘Conscious Living’ is about taking control of the direction and consequences of your life; about living intentionally, thoughtfully, and navigating life’s experiences with a self-awareness that guides your choices. It’s living with internal and external integrity, empowering a mindfulness that fuels you to live a more deliberate and meaningful life!"

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