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irresistibly-delicious Conscious Energy gummy snacks…with benefits!

Gluten-Free ⚡ Vegan ⚡ Reduced Sugar ⚡ Dairy-Free ⚡

Energize Without Compromise.


✖ Reliance on coffee and candy to combat low energy and sweet cravings.

✖ Suffering from caffeine jitters and sugary crashes.

✖ Mindlessly consuming unhealthy ingredients.


⚡ ōku gummy snacks as a solution for reduced sugar and functionally-enhanced energy.

⚡ Our thoughtfully-crafted proprietary blend that ensures sustained energy without the drawbacks of coffee jitters or sugar crashes.

⚡ Pursuing what truly matters to you fueled by the invigorating Conscious Energy™ found in each ōku gummy.

Conscious Energy in Every Bite

Experience a long-lasting burst of feel-good, on-the-go energy with our irresistible gummy snacks.

It's What's Inside Us That Counts

Indulge in Delightful Flavors

Consciously-Curated Blend to Energize Your Day

Proprietary medley of clean, body-loving ingredients helps busy people tackle a never-ending to-do list...and feel great doing it.

“Conscious Living” is Our Mission

Your energy is your currency, invest it wisely. 

"Living consciously, or ‘Conscious Living’ is about taking control of the direction and consequences of your life; about living intentionally, thoughtfully, and navigating life’s experiences with a self-awareness that guides your choices. It’s living with internal and external integrity, empowering a mindfulness that fuels you to live a more deliberate and meaningful life!"

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